2007 m. liepos 30 d., pirmadienis

soul's samples #30

  1. Nadirah Shakoor "Love Song (original Mix)" Yoruba
  2. Mr V. "Jus' Dance (Quentin Harris Re-Production)" Vega Records
  3. Jus' Dope "Stormy Weather" Soul Heaven
  4. Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham "In The Morning (Final Bigga Mix)" Bigga Sounds
  5. Timmy Regisford "Get Deep" Timmy White Label
  6. Jovonn & Dawn Nicole "Music Made Love 2 Me (Strip Dance Mix)" Next Moov
  7. Franck Roger "The Love Call" Real Tone
  8. Grand High Priest "Mary St Mary (Sacred Rhythm mix)" Not On Label
  9. Studio Apartment feat Blaze "The Rising Sun" New World Records
  10. Kenny Carvajal "A Higher Place (Glide Vocal Mix)" Phuture Sole
  11. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc "Sandcastles (Tiger Striped Dub)" UK Promotions
  12. Marlon D. feat Stephanie Renee "Greater Love (Halo & Jamie Thinnes revisited vocal)" CityDeep Music
  13. Fish Go Deep "The Cure & The Cause (Balearic Soul Club)" Defected

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